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Editing, SEO
Translation Services
- internationally certified ITT 11:2011, DIN EN ISO 15038 (DIN 2345) / German & English (US/UK)

>> Please note: My office is closed for the time being. Upon request, I will gladly provide you an agency from my partner network.

Professional Translation Services for Your Business

Welcome to my page! - Every translation is individual and depends on the context of the source. Therefore I reference the norm DIN 2345 for my translations. In the views of many professionals, this is the best quality standard for producing translations although the norm has officially been replaced by the new DIN EN 15038. For this reason, my work still follows that standard which primarily refers to the communication between client and translator. I need to know the context of the translation and its source in order to meet your needs. Please let me know such details for your translation(s) when submitting your proposal.

textbox-premium-Package (tpP)

Editing / Proofreading, Text Design

My services in the field of editing include checks for spelling, style, grammar and content improving your texts and translations - with focus on your target group.

- Proofreading
Spelling and grammar check of your target text.

- Text Design, Homepage Improvement
I may optimize the text(s) and translation(s) of your homepage visually in order to make it more attractive and inviting for your customers. Sample page: Komplettradlager GmbH

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Keywords, "white hat" - Strategy

I optimize your texts, if necessary, with regard to SEO / search engines and I take into account relevant keyword lists from your industry. These keywords are read by search engines like Google or Yahoo for their ranking. Following a "white hat"-strategy, these keywords may also be the basis for further OnPage / OffPage-optimizing with your IT-Manager / administrator.

- call to action
This modern marketing concept is available for certain types of text - also in combination with text design.

Request Information

For editing and / or a translation, I require the following information from you:

Language direction (DE / AE / BE), subject area, type of the target text, target audience and contact person alongside your desired deadline and features. Glossaries and styleguides are welcome.

Free Quotes, Fair and Clear Pricing

I offer a free sample translation from your text (max. one page). This allows you to peruse my translation before contracting my services. The sample translation incurs no costs or obligations on your behalf. Furthermore, it includes all the benefits of the official translation such as length, level of difficulty, type of text, and your proposed deadline.

Status Reports

You are welcome to get a free report that includes the translation in progress and a glossary, if desired. This allows quick access to the status of your translation.
In the case where a full translation is not needed, you may receive a summary of the original text that gives you the key elements and allows you to know what it is about. Summaries are also a package offer that is less costly than a full translation.

My Credo

Producing professionally edited translations in order to help enterprises offer their best possible products and services.

I look forward to partnering with you to achieve your goals. Easily, you can get an individual consultation free of charge - just contact me.

Yours Faithfully
Oliver Ehrhardt, Magister Artium


Selected Enterprises

- AirColleg GmbH, Weilmuenster/Moettau
- Apple Inc., Ireland
- Author's think tank, Frankfurt
- Baerbel Adamek, Coachings and Trainings for Executives, Gelnhausen
- Business Consulting Ralf Klos, Frankfurt
- Byrnecut Group, Australia
- Center for Continuing Education, Goethe-University, Frankfurt
- CLRD-Studio UG, Frankfurt
- creative analytic 3000 GmbH, Frankfurt
- Dr. Arthur Groth, Frankfurt
- Dr. Jeremy Gaines, Frankfurt
- Foerderverein PRO ASYL e.V., Frankfurt
- Frankfurter Volleyballverein e.V., Frankfurt
- Fuchs Patent Attorneys, Frankfurt
- Gantner Instruments GmbH, Germany/Austria
- G+R Communications Agency GmbH, Pfungstadt
- Gastro Consulting & Management GmbH, Bad Vilbel
- Gulex GmbH, Frankfurt
- HIMS Academy GmbH, Castle of Hafenpreppach
- House for Continuing Education Bad Nauheim (Bildungshaus, Bildungswerk HESSEN METALL e.V.), Bad Nauheim
- Jan Schmidt Events, Frankfurt
- Kern AG, Frankfurt
- Komplettradlager GmbH, Bielefeld
- Kunsthalle Darmstadt (Hall of Art, Darmstadt)
- Localeyes Ltd., Ireland
- Mannheim Language Service, Mannheim
- Metropol Events GmbH, Duesseldorf
- NKFG Normen Kraft, Freelance Graphic Designer, Frankfurt
- Mukadam Design, Castle of Goeppmannsbuehl, Speichersdorf, Frankfurt, Berlin
- MUTAVI-Solutions GmbH, Neuhof - Dorfborn
- Prof. Dr. Bernd Herzogenrath, Frankfurt
- Prof. Una H. Moehrke, Berlin
- pulse, Frankfurt
- Vattenfall AB, Sweden
- Foerderverein Zukunft Spenden e.V., Frankfurt
- Wegner Translations, Obertshausen
- Wellness-Drinks, Propr. A. Goetz, Frankfurt

I would like to extend my thanks for their support in particular to: Fam. Schroeder, Germany + Fam. Alberts, USA + Fam. Evangelopoulos, Greece.


- CLRD Studio (EN: Text + Textdesign)
- Komplettradlager (GER: Text + Textdesign)
- Wellness-Drinks (EN: Website & Online-Shop)

Events | Artists

- "Animalia. Forays from Los Angeles to Mumbai", Main Exhibition 2023/24, Hall of Art/Kunsthalle Darmstadt (Animalia Homepage)
- Richard Wagner Festivals, 2013, Bayreuth
- FVV Outreach, 2012, (intl. Sports Tournament), Frankfurt

- Costa Colorado, Germany/Greece
-, Frankfurt
- Ratnadeep G Adivrekar, Berlin Germany, Mumbai India (Artist Homepage) (Artist's Wiki)
- Tasos Fotiadis, Kastoria Greece


"Business Continuity and Emergency Management for Banks - Increasing Emergency Resilience for Banks, Savings Banks and Their Service Providers Sustainably and Effectively." Grete/Naujoks (ed.), FCH AG (Pub(d)., Heidelberg), 2023, contribution by B. Adamek, chapters J & K. (Free translation. For the original German title, please see the German page of this website.)
- Book, Publisher's Website

"Musical Journey or: The Paintings of Ratnadeep Gopal Adivrekar for Richard Wagner's Ring", Mudakam Design, 2013.
(download text sample, pdf: text sample )

- in the solo exhibition: The Golden Ear - A Tribute to Wagner, Seminarhaus Bayreuth, Deutsche Oper Berlin & Kameha Frankfurt, 2013.

I support:

My recommendation:
Start Effective Reading Rate: 103 WpM
Final Effective Reading Rate: 367 WpM
Improvement / Success: more than 350 % (!) better reading - simply great.


Oliver Ehrhardt, M.A.

Professional Editing and Translations in

Law, Economics, Politics, Science, Marketing, Arts and Culture. Language Pair (GER/AE/BE).*

- internationally certified ITT 11:2011, DIN EN ISO 15038 (DIN 2345), Institute for Quality and Certification, Berlin.

- certified Specialist in Project Management (CCI), Chamber of Commerce (IHK) Hanover.


Green Technology / Sustainability in Economy, IT and Marketing as well as translations in the legal field.


Master (Magister Artium), Goethe-University, Language Level C_1, GER / EN, Frankfurt am Main, 2012.

Final Thesis: red Gothic: das Selbstbewusstsein der USA und der Kalte Krieg (red Gothic: The Self-Confidence of the United States and the Cold War.) (Details upon request, download TOC, pdf: Overview / TOC )

Fields of Expertise

American Studies, Politics and Japanese Studies.

Further Studies: Law.

Additional Certificates and Further Education, Goethe-University:
- Improved Reading, 2011.
- Intercultural Competence in English, 2011.
- Translations Level III, 2010.
- English Texts for Humanities and Cultural Sciences, 2010.

Further Education:
- Certified Specialist in Project Management (CCI), TA Academy, Chamber of Commerce (IHK) Hanover, 2019.
- The new EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR (DSGVO), Training Institute HESSEN METALL e.V., House for Continuing Education Bad Nauheim, 2018.
- Microsoft Office 2010 Advanced Seminar, PC College IT-Institut, Frankfurt, 2015.
- International Certification as Translator, Certificate No. C_142, IQC, Berlin, 2014, 2015, 2016.

Relevant Foreign Experience:
- min. 4-6 months: USA, 2014, 2003, 1999 - Japan, 2007.
- min. 2-4 months: Czech Republic, 2010 - Netherlands, 2001 - France, 1996 - Denmark, 1995.
- min. 1 month: Hong Kong, 2005.

Additional Work Experience:
- Consultant and trainer for trainees of the Hessian economy. Training Institute HESSEN METALL e.V., House for Continuing Education Bad Nauheim, Homepage House for Continuing Education , 2009-2013.

* proofs and certificates available upon request


Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 (Teams/Skype)
SDL Trados Studio 2014

My office meets the security level P-4 and provides its own backup system.

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